Exercise supports sleep

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Physical exercise, especially sport, strengthens the immune system andhelps to reduce stress hormones. This helps to improve sleep quality. Peoplewho exercise regularly fall asleep more quickly and enjoy particularly deep andrefreshing sleep.

When should I exercise?

The best time is in the morning. This ensures that the period of time between physical activity and the resting phase is the longest which provides enough time for the heart and muscles to relax sufficiently before it is time to go to bed.

How much should I exercise?

We should not force our bodies to stay awake during the evenings and disrupt its natural circadian rhythm. An evening walk or a short bike ride promote sleep, however, it is wiser to do rigorous exercise at a different time of the day.

Which type of exercise should I choose?

Endurance sports such as Nordic walking or swimming are particularly effective for reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Unlike high-performance sports, they aid relaxation because they consistently reduce stress hormone levels in the body.

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